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Avolve Experience

Avolve personnel have experience in the following areas of Operating Systems:


Consulting Service Description Rate
Home PC Consulting
Hardware/Software Installation
Bringing the PC consultant to your house enables you to ask questions about your computer system that you would normally ask in a class type setting. One on One in your casual atmosphere gives you the opportunity to find answers and/or bounce ideas with someone in the area of Home PC’s. This is by appointment only and arrangements must be made ahead of time. 

Installation of hardware or software on your computer system can be done effortlessly by Avolve personnel to alleviate you of any of the headaches that you may encounter. System reliability can be improved if installation is performed by someone with experience in this area.

Network your home computers together so all of the family can access the internet or each others computers. Setting up a home network can be easily done with our expertise. 

The rate for this service is $45/hour with a minimum of one hour.
Business PC Consulting Bringing the PC Consultant to your business will give you expertise in the area of interest to your operations. Networking issues dealing with Internet Access, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, can be of assistance to your office. Installation of software and hardware will be done on site as well as the performance tuning of each of your machines.  The rate for this service is $90/hour with a minimum of three hours. With more than 10 PC’s please call for a more accurate assessment of your situation.
Computing Needs Assessment Businesses large or small can have an assessment configured for their computing needs. Hardware will be recommended from reputable suppliers with reputable equipment. This assessment can then be followed up with our Business Consulting on-site. The rate for this service is $250 which will include two hours of client interviews and assessment report. If a remainder exists from the interview it will be applied to consulting.  The rate for over two hour client interview is $90/hour.
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